Luxury Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug is the latest outdoor living essential. This eye-catching piece of décor can tie an open space together whilst adding opulent style and comfort.

Explore our collection of luxury outdoor rugs to add that extra something special to your garden.

Stylish Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are multifunctional, versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Their impressive designs and colours frame your patio or decking, whilst offering a layer of texture and comfort to your outdoor haven. They are the must-have accessory for gardening season and outdoor entertaining. 

These modern designer rugs bring the comfortable atmosphere of a living room outside whilst accentuating all kinds of garden furniture, from traditional wooden luxury outdoor tables and sleek metal outdoor seating to modern rattan furniture

Luxury rugs offer an extra touch of style and comfort to every room - indoor and outdoor. 

Durable, Waterproof Outdoor Rugs

Made from long-lasting material, outdoor rugs are hard-wearing - come rain or shine. The bases for these resistant synthetic fibres provide both robustness and durability.

Each of our luxury rugs is woven on a traditional loom using wooden shuttles. Practical and easy-to-care-for, in Swedish manufactured PVC with welded ribbon for strength and durability.

No environmentally hazardous heavy metals or harmful softeners make their way into our rugs.

UV-Resistant Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are completely non-fading and remain vivid and colourful even when exposed to sunlight throughout the sunnier months.

Designer Outdoor Rugs

Our modern and elegant collection of outdoor carpets embellish every living area. Our collection features a plethora of unique colours and designs to take your outdoor space to the next level. 

Explore the Indian-Ocean Rug Collection;

Duo Outdoor Rug

A classic linear design, available in four colours and two sizes.

Effi Outdoor Rug

A simple minimalistic design, available in six colours and one size.

Honey Outdoor Rug

An eye-catching hexagonal design, available in six colours and one size. 

Mono Outdoor Rug

A traditional design, available in ten colours and two sizes.

Regina Outdoor Rug

A striking geometric design, available in five colours and one size.

Svea Outdoor Rug

A classic design available in six metallic colours and two sizes.

Top features include;

  • UV Proof - fade-resistant
  • PVC ribbon, polyester wrap
  • The rugs are reversible with opposite pattern on the other side
  • Easy to clean - mop or hose down

Garden Rug Sizes

Our luxury rugs come in the following dimensions to suit a wide array of outdoor spaces: 

  • 180x220cm
  • 180x260cm
  • 180x275cm
  • 180x300cm
  • 140x220cm

Outdoor Rug Colours

Our rugs are available in the following colours:

  • Duo Outdoor Rug - charcoal, denim, mud and warm grey.
  • Effi Outdoor Rug - black, granite, green, mud, mustard and orange.
  • Honey Outdoor Rug - black, charcoal, denim, mustard, pale turquoise and warm grey.
  • Mono Outdoor Rug - beige, black, cherry, dark blue, green, fossil grey, mustard, olive, orange and petrol.
  • Regina Outdoor Rug - fossil grey, pale rose, charcoal, seagrass and storm.
  • Svea Outdoor Rug - azureblue metallic, champagne metallic, granite metallic, mud metallic, olive metallic and white metallic.

Luxury Outdoor Rugs FAQ

Next, we answer some common questions regarding our luxury outdoor carpets. 

What is the best material for an outdoor rug?

The top three materials include;

  • Polypropylene (olefin): Olefin is one of the most highly sought-after outdoor rug materials for its strength, comfortable texture and weather-resistant properties. Polypropylene offers the same feel as natural fibres at a more affordable price.
  • Polyester: The best material for non-fade and stain-resistance.
  • Nylon: Used in outdoor décor for its strength and elasticity, nylon is often woven with olefin to create a soft, weatherproof blend perfect for deck or patio rugs.

Where to position an outdoor rug?

Stone and wood patios and decks may be beautiful, however, underfoot they can be cold and uncomfortable. Adding a rug to your outdoor area can offer a much-needed layer of warmth and comfort if positioned in the correct way.

Rules to bear in mind: 

  • At the very least the front legs of your luxury outdoor seating should sit on the rug; preferably the entire seating or sofa set. The rug should be larger than your designer garden table or it will be overshadowed and dwarfed by the surrounding furniture. 
  • Choose the pattern according to the type and style of your furniture. Repeated patterns can be obscured by larger furniture. However, for a more striking or eye-catching rug, choose a light and airy design for your table with a glass top and place your furniture on the edge of the rug, to maximise its exposure. 

How to care for a luxury outdoor area rug?

Refer to our care and maintenance guide for information on caring for your luxury outdoor rugs. 

Designer Outdoor Accessories To Pair with Your Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is just one part of the picture when it comes to creating an inviting outdoor space. Get inspired with some design pairings.

Luxury Outdoor Planters

Adding a modern outdoor planter at the corner or to the side of your new rug can make colours pop, especially if you opt for vibrant green leaves or contrasting coloured petals.

Luxury Outdoor Lanterns

For atmospheric outdoor relaxation past sundown, introducing outdoor lanterns around your rug area can create a warm and inviting glow. 

Luxury Outdoor Cushions

For a Moroccan inspired outdoor look, try scattering luxury outdoor cushions atop your rug for elevated outdoor lounging. Choose from matching or contrasting colours depending on how much of a design statement you want to make. 

Luxury Outdoor Accessories: Finishing Touches

Luxury living is all about the finishing touches. Match your designer rug with our vibrant outdoor scatter cushions for added personality, texture and comfort. 

To complete the full picture, browse our range of expertly crafted and curated luxury garden furniture.

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