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Luxury Outdoor Heaters

Enjoy evenings outdoors in comfort with our range of luxury outdoor heaters. Combining innovative, Infra-Red technology with a futuristic aesthetic.

Outdoor Heating Guide

Learn about types of heaters available, how they work and where to use them.

Explore the different types of outdoor garden heaters in our range. 

Wall Heaters

The Apollo Wall Heater is designed to be fitted to an outside wall to provide targeted heat where you need it most. Position near outdoor seating or dining areas for discreet, yet effective warmth. 

We also offer short and medium stem wall heaters to provide heat in hard to reach places and fit the layout of your outdoor space. 

Ceiling Heaters

Our ceiling heaters are designed to be fitted in outdoor structures such as pagodas and overhanging roofs for overhead warmth. 

Available in single or double stem designs. 

Floor Heaters

A floor heater provides a flexible way to supply heat to different outdoor zones. Our single stem floor heater comes in two lengths; short and medium to cater to different level seating arrangements. 

Our double stem floor heaters can also provide two directional heat. 

Dining Table Heater

The Apollo Dining Table Heater comes with an angled head to provide targeted warmth for outdoor dining. The ergonomic design is made to hover perfectly over your outdoor dining table.

Electric Patio Heaters: The Benefits

Why choose electric over gas powered patio heaters? Not only is electric more eco-friendly, but it also offers reduced running costs and gives you peace of mind when used around young children or pets.

Benefits include;

  • Safer than a live flame
  • More energy efficient than flame gas heaters
  • More economical to run than gas patio heaters 
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit any garden or outdoor space
  • Consistent heat output 

Investing in a heater for your garden allows you to enjoy the great outdoors longer into the evening and during the colder months of the year. From outdoor dining with family, to evening cocktail hour with friends, a heater can help to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. 

Contemporary Patio Heater Design

The Apollo heater collection features a futuristic aesthetic crafted in coated Stainless Steel.

Available in monochrome black or white to suit all modern outdoor areas.  

These elegant heaters don’t need to be hidden away, make yours a focal point and combine with our contemporary garden seating in powder-coated Steel. 

Superior Heat Output

Our heaters make use of innovative, Infra-Red technology for maximum energy efficiency. 

They combine performance technology with respect for the environment; constructed from die-cast Aluminium moulds. The heat from the Infra-Red lamp feels like the natural warming rays of the sun.

Our heaters have;

  • A standard heat output of 1500w for areas of 10-15 m2
  • With the option of 2000w for larger areas of 12-20 m2

Please contact us for more information if you’re looking to heat a large outdoor space.

Best Patio Heaters: Top Picks

The best outdoor heaters effortlessly combine style with the latest performance technology. 

All of our luxury outdoor heaters feature;

  • Innovative Infra-Red heating technology for natural warmth
  • Futuristic aesthetic
  • High energy efficiency
  • Available in 10 configurations and 4 finishes
  • Powered by Electricity and fitted with a moulded plug
  • Standard output 1500w for areas of 10-15 m2
  • Option of 2000w for larger areas of 12-20 m2
  • Coated Steel designed for minimal corrosion
  • IPX5 for use outdoors

Caring for Your Heater

Indian Ocean heaters are crafted from high-grade Stainless Steel and coated for extra protection against the elements. 

Find more information on caring for your outdoor furniture in our care and maintenance guide

Feel the Heat Outdoors

Looking to create a cosy outdoor sanctuary for relaxation and entertainment? We can help with our range of outdoor accessories. 

An outdoor rug can create a feeling of warmth on chilly evenings, and cushions can add comfort and texture to a sofa setting. 

Outdoor lighting is another easy way to create ambience - the subtle glow from an outdoor lantern can work wonders!

Turn up the heat with our range of luxury garden furniture, designed to combine sustainability, quality and outstanding design.

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