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Outdoor Furniture Care & Maintenance Guide

Indian Ocean furniture is designed for outdoors, and only requires a little TLC to keep it looking its best. Discover how to care for your outdoor furniture in our care and maintenance guide.

The materials used in the manufacture of all Indian Ocean Collections are carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards. Your furniture has been specifically designed to withstand the elements of life outdoors – all year round. However, regular cleaning and a little TLC is required and does go a long way to ensure the furniture still looks good, even after many years of use.

Key Points...

  • Using Protective Furniture Covers will save on cleaning. 
  • Allow cushions to dry completely before storage. 
  • Spills should be cleaned up quickly with kitchen paper to avoid any residual marks. 
  • When using sandpaper (very fine) on Teak, always work with the grain, never across it. 
  • Never use any abrasive products on glass, weave or canvas products.
  • Extending tables and folding chairs should be opened regularly to keep them moving easily. 
  • Variations in tone and colour will occur over the long-term to materials in the natural outdoor environment.
    Download the outdoor furniture care and maintenance brochure here.

    Learn more about the premium outdoor furniture materials we use here.

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    Teak Outdoor Furniture Care and Maintenance

    Teak only needs a little regular cleaning – that’s really all there is to it – but please read on so that you know what to expect….

    We select only the finest premium FSC Grade A Plantation Teak. The golden colour and grain of the natural hardwood varies. After about 3 months of outdoor exposure to moisture and sunlight, the new wood begins to mature naturally and take on a beautiful and distinctive silver-grey patina.

    Teak is naturally hard-wearing and long lasting; as Teak has the highest natural oil content of all hardwoods we do not advise the application of Teak Oil. Oil will not prolong the life of your Indian Ocean Teak wooden garden furniture but may cause black spots, blemishes and uneven staining.

    Do not be alarmed if small cracks appear in the end-grain of timbers as they are perfectly natural, and you need not worry - as the moisture in the atmosphere rises the timber will return to normal. You may also see white patterns appear on the teak - these are simply calcium deposits and are an intrinsic element of Teak - they do not affect the durability, performance or life expectancy of the item.

    How to Care for Teak Garden Furniture

    It is important that stains and spillages on the wood are absorbed with kitchen paper as soon as they occur and are then washed away with soapy water. General grime accumulates on furniture outside and this should be washed away with a light soapy detergent. Any residual marks may be removed with a little light sanding using very fine sandpaper – always following the grain of the wood.

    Extending tables and folding chairs should be regularly opened and closed to prevent moving parts seizing up - the application of a little lubricant on a cloth passed over the runners will help to smooth the process. DO NOT PRESSURE WASH.

    We offer our own range of Indian Ocean Maintenance products:
    • Teak Cleaner & Restorer  is a cleaner and brightener in one. Suitable for regular maintenance jobs to remove deeply ingrained dirt and stains from food and drink. The water-based formula is not only a high concentration cleaner, but it also contains brightener-ingredients, which brings the Teak back to its original colour by removing the grey film and to restore the top surface. We recommend the use of our Green Scrubbings Pads whilst cleaning. DO NOT PRESSURE WASH.

    • Premium Teak Colour Protector maintains the natural Teak colour for up to 4 times longer than Teak oil and up to twice as long as Teak sealers. 

    • Premium Teak Transparent Sealer - Should you wish to maintain the patina grey colour of your Teak we recommend using our Premium Teak Transparent Sealer. The Sealer makes Teak water and dirt repellent – it is an almost invisible wood impregnator that makes it difficult for wine, olive oil, butter, coffee to seep into Teak.

    Caring for Re-claimed Teak Furniture

    Each piece of Re-claimed Teak is carefully selected by hand and matched to achieve the best possible finish. Re-claimed Teak has a unique distressed feel and variations in the finish are part of the inherent natural beauty of a recycled piece. You will find knots and markings that would not be found on new, premium grade plantation Teak.

    We apply a clear wax treatment to all re-claimed Teak to ensure that the pieces are aesthetically pleasing. You may choose to maintain the wax finish by regularly applying a good quality clear furniture wax to clean, dry wood every 2-4 months. Otherwise, you may allow the wax to weather away and then your re-claimed Teak will weather naturally.

    We offer our own range of Indian Ocean Maintenance products:
    • Teak Cleaner & Restorer - Suitable for regular minor maintenance jobs to remove deeply ingrained dirt and stains from food and wine. It is also designed to brighten teak back to its original colour by removing the grey film and to restore the top surface. It opens the pores of the wood in preparation for sealing with Premium Teak Transparent Sealer.

    Stainless Steel

    Brushed, Electro-Polished and Powder-Coated
    All the Stainless Steel we use in the construction of our luxury outdoor furniture is 304 grade – the recommended grade for outdoor use. Stainless Steel is an iron alloy in which the resistance to corrosion is increased through the addition of chrome and nickel. Surface oxidisation deposits are accelerated by chlorine and airborne chemicals but do not affect the durability of your furniture.

    Chlorine and salty sea air are Stainless Steel's biggest enemy and can cause a type of corrosion that is known as pitting and more regular cleaning is needed. For locations near the sea, we recommend that the Stainless Steel finish should be Electro-Polished which has a shinier finish and an enhanced resistance to corrosion or a Powder-Coated painted finish.

    How to Care for Stainless Steel Garden Furniture

    It is necessary to clean and polish Stainless Steel furniture (Brushed and EP) regularly with either a standard Stainless Steel spray cleaner or a mild soapy water solution. Stainless Steel is not by definition, corrosion-resistant and this regular cleaning will avoid the formation of surface oxidisation deposits (brown spots) as well as removing stains. These spots do not affect the durability, performance or life expectancy of the furniture but are simply superficial discolourations that require cleaning.

    If your patio furniture has not been regularly cared for, we recommend the use of Indian Ocean Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner which will restore your Stainless Steel furniture to its original appearance. DO NOT PRESSURE WASH.

    Caring for Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

    High grade Aluminium is preferred by our designers for its strength, its low weight and its resistance to corrosion. Many of our Aluminium ranges have a polyester powder paint finish applied statically and embedded by a baking action. The advantages of this procedure are the endless possibilities in the variety of colour and the protection to the metal furniture.

    Care: Regular cleaning with our  Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner  to remove surface dirt is all that is necessary. Avoid using abrasives. DO NOT PRESSURE WASH.


    Upholstered Material Care and Maintenance

    The Latitude and Eclipse Sofas are upholstered with high-performance outdoor fabrics and have the feel of a luxury indoor sofa. The innovative material is woven from marine strength solution-dyed synthetic fibres, specially designed for use outdoors. Natural to the touch, UV fade resistant and treated to be water, soil and stain repellent.

    Caring for Upholstered Outdoor Sofas

    Stains on the fabric can be spot cleaned our  Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner. Occasionally, if exposed to extremely wet weather, the furniture may become completely saturated - in these cases we recommend setting the pieces on a slight angle to aid drainage. DO NOT PRESSURE WASH.

    All-Weather Rope

    All-Weather Rope combines texture with technology. The Rope is an innovative blend of two synthetic components resulting in a unique fibre with substantial practical strength. Indian Ocean Rope is water-repellent, chlorine, salt and UV resistant and ultimately recyclable. The Rope is an excellent choice for marine or poolside locations and is inherently resistant to dirt and stains.

    How to Care for Outdoor Rope Furniture

    All-Weather Rope furniture needs minimal care to keep it looking as good as new. The brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner may be used to remove dust or embedded food crumbs. Care must be taken not to damage the Rope with sharp or abrasive objects.

    Never use a wire or stiff bristled brush on the Rope. If dirt and grime accumulate, spot clean with our  Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner. DO NOT PRESSURE WASH.

    We recommend our range of tailored furniture covers to help keep the furniture free from debris, particularly out of season. Please make sure the furniture is allowed to completely air dry before covering.

    All-Weather Weave

    Our extensive All-Weather Weave designs are constructed from premium quality highly-technical man-made materials which allow them to remain outdoors all year round. The material is soft to the touch, tear resistant, quick drying, UV, salt and chlorine resistant making it an excellent choice for marine or pool locations. The weave is extremely durable and ultimately recyclable too.

    All-Weather weave furniture will soften in exceptionally high temperatures and become rigid in particularly cold temperatures. There is no cause for concern as the weave will return to normal when returned to an ambient temperature.

    How to Care for All-Weather Weave Furniture

    All-Weather Weave furniture needs minimal care to keep it looking as good as new. You can easily wash your furniture down with a general household detergent followed by a thorough rinse with fresh water. Alternatively, you may hose your woven furniture using a garden hose pipe. DO NOT PRESSURE WASH.

    The brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner may be used to remove dust or embedded food crumbs. Care must be taken not to damage the Weave with sharp or abrasive objects. Never use a wire or stiff brush on the Weave. We recommend regular cleaning with Indian Ocean Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner.

    BATYLINE® Outdoor Care and Maintenance

    For the seats and backs of our chairs and luxury sun loungers, we use Ferrari Batyline® or Sunbrella Sling fabric. The polyester fibre is PVC coated and then woven. The fibres are then melted together in order to create an exceptionally strong, stretch and tear resistant fabric. 

    Apart from its exceptional mechanical strength, it has a high chemical resistance. The synthetic coating guarantees resistance to extremely high weather and UV rays. The fact that there is no moisture absorption results in rapid drying with maximum stain and mould resistance.

    Caring for Batyline Outdoor Chairs and Loungers

    Batyline/Sling needs minimal care to keep it looking as good as new. Simply use soapy water to wash down. Avoid the use of abrasive products and solvents.
    DO NOT PRESSURE WASH. We recommend cleaning with Indian Ocean Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner.


    Glass and Ceramic Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

    All Indian Ocean glass for outdoor tables is tempered, meaning it is toughened and would shatter if broken rather than break into shards. Ceramic & Glass are naturally resistant to staining making them highly suitable materials for use outdoors.

    Caring for Glass and Ceramic Furniture

    Glass is fragile, and care must be taken to avoid chipping or damaging. Care must be taken to avoid scratching surfaces with cutlery, china and decorative items. Do not leave decorative pieces on glass surfaces for extended periods as marking can occur.

    We recommend the use of protective table mats and coasters. It is best to act quickly to clean up spills to avoid food residue becoming baked onto the surface in hot weather.

    Glass surfaces should be regularly cleaned with standard glass cleaning spray products. In cases of stubborn dirt or calcium deposits, we recommend Indian Ocean Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner  - this is a heavy duty product and recommended only for serious damage and must be applied according to the strict instructions.

    HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Maintenance

    This smooth solid top is hardwearing and easy to clean. Regular cleaning with a mild soapy solution to remove surface dirt is all that is necessary. Avoid using abrasives.


    Luxury Outdoor Parasol Care

    Our luxury garden Parasol fabric is made from marine strength acrylic that is UV & mildew resistant. In addition, the fabric is Teflon treated to provide water and light soiling protection.

    Opening Your Parasol: When opening the Parasol, pull out the ribs to ensure that they move freely, then gently pull on the cord/wind the handle to slowly raise the sliding hub upwards. Continue to raise until the fabric is taut and then insert the pin into the highest possible hole.

    A tautly erected Parasol will be stronger and will not allow the canvas to billow in the wind, which may cause the strut ends to break. Close the Parasol during strong or gusty wind conditions and cover only when completely dry.

    Please ensure your Parasol is secure and fitted in the correct base – please ask for our advice.

    Garden Parasol Care

    Please allow your Parasol to dry naturally before closing and covering for storage as mould may form in the damp areas that have not been allowed to dry out. If your Parasol has an Aluminium, Stainless Steel or a Teak Frame, please follow the relevant care advice.


    To clean the fabric, open the Parasol, lay on its side and remove dirt using a soft brush with water. In order to protect the Teflon properties, we recommend Indian Ocean  Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner. Do not Dry Clean.

    Outdoor Furniture Cushions

    Indian Ocean outdoor cushions are made from high performance fabrics designed for outdoors whilst ensuring a natural feel. They have an inherent soil and water repellence and are resistant to mildew. The fabrics are UV proof and resistant to fading from chlorinated pool water. Our cushion fabrics and cushion interiors are designed to dry out quickly after rain, this time will vary according to the outdoor temperature.

    Before placing cushions on NEW Teak Furniture, please use a soft damp cloth to wipe down the internal frames of your NEW Teak Furniture and allow to dry.

    The Teak frames may have some residual Teak Dust remaining from the fine sanding process. Wiping down the frames will prevent the Teak Dust leaving marks on your cushions and other materials. This is particularly important for White, Natural and paler cushions.

    Caring for Your Outdoor Cushions

    To keep your cushions looking good we recommend storing them away overnight. However, if the cushions are wet, they must be allowed to dry out naturally before storing. If cushions are covered, stacked or stored whilst damp, mould will accumulate.

    Most stains on the material can be spot cleaned with cool water and a general laundry product. Cushion covers can be machine washed at 30 degrees, to prevent creasing, replace the covers while still damp and then dry in the open air.

    Do not iron, tumble dry and do not Dry Clean as this will damage the weather resistant characteristics of the fabric.

    It is essential that cushions are completely dry before storing in a well-ventilated area over the winter months. Please see our collection of luxury outdoor Storage Boxes.

    Protective Garden Furniture Covers

    We recommend our range of Dove Grey garden furniture covers to help keep your furniture protected when not in use. Covers will keep your furniture free from debris and consequently minimise cleaning. Before covering, please ensure the furniture is clean and dry.

    Using advanced outdoor fabric technology, the covers are designed to breathe and be water repellent at the same time as well as quick drying and easy to fold. Each cover is individually labelled to allow you to easily identify the corresponding piece of furniture.

    Loose cushions should be removed and should not be left under furniture covers.

    If extreme or prolonged rainfall is experienced, pools of water may potentially collect on the cover, depending on the fall of the cover material on the individual piece. The seams are stitched and although then double heat sealed, if water is allowed to collect and sit for long periods, then some seeping through can occasionally occur. We advise you to tilt the piece to displace collected water.

    Expert Advice

    Need some more help? Our experts are on hand to offer any advice you may need. 

    Browse our full range of garden furniture protection products to find the right solution for your needs.

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