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Garden Furniture Care Products

Our collection of premium garden furniture care products have been specifically designed to prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Care and Maintenance

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your luxury outdoor furniture with water-based solutions and sealants can extend the life of your furniture and keep it looking good as new for years to come. 

Garden Furniture Treatment and Preservation

Hardwood garden furniture is going to require different treatments to Wicker or Glass, so it’s vital you use suitable products for each outdoor material. Please refer to our care and maintenance guide for more information on caring for your Indian Ocean furniture. 

Best Protection for Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture

Our Teak furniture is premium FSC Grade A Plantation Teak with a golden grain. After about three months of outdoor exposure, the new wood begins to mature naturally and take on a beautiful silver-grey patina. This durable material requires minimal care and maintenance. 

This good quality material is durable and long-lasting, as long as it is properly maintained. 

Teak Garden Furniture Care and Maintenance

Teak is very high in natural oils so there is no need to treat it with furniture oil. 

For everyday stains and spillages, our Premium Cleaner & Restorer is ideal. This non-acidic solution can be used for spot cleaning without affecting any sealants applied. 

Any residual marks may be removed with a little light sanding using very fine sandpaper – always following the grain of the wood.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Winter Care

To remove tougher, ingrained dirt, mould or grease, the Premium Cleaner & Restorer is a double-action cleaner and bleaching agent which opens the pores of the wood for deep cleaning. 

This is perfect for seasonal maintenance jobs. 

Use the Cleaner & Restorer with a soft metal scourer along the direction/grain of the wood so as not to damage the surface.

Best Treatment for Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture

For long-term protection against weathering, UV and ageing, a sealer is sometimes needed. 

Our Premium Teak Colour Protector contains a resin which feeds the wood with its own raw materials to prevent discolouration. Use 2-3 times a year to refresh your Teak garden tables and chairs. 

How to Care for Outdoor All-Weather Weave Furniture

The great thing about our All-Weather Weave furniture, when compared to traditional rattan, is how easy it is to maintain.

Unlike rattan that gathers dust and forms mildew, the high-performance man-made fibres that make up our weave are very easy to clean.

To remove food crumbs or dust, simply use a hoover brush detachment or soft bristle brush. Avoid using stiff-bristled brushes which could damage the surface. 

To revive your woven furniture after the winter period, our Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner is on hand. This material can also be hosed down with a regular garden hose, but please do not pressure wash. 

Stainless Steel Outdoor Furniture Care

Regular cleaning and polishing keeps Stainless Steel furniture looking good as new.

We recommend regularly cleaning Stainless Steel furniture with our Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner to minimise the contamination of the surface from airborne pollutants causing corrosion.

Use our cleaner with a soft cloth to easily wipe down your furniture. 

This premium cleaner;

  • Reduces the formation of surface oxidisation deposits or brown spots
  • Keeps your steel furniture looking new and shiny
  • Perfect for everyday care

You can also use a mild soapy water solution to clean spillages and stains. However, do not pressure wash. 

Glass Outdoor Furniture Care

To keep glass tabletops looking shiny and fresh, we recommend using our Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner.

To avoid scratches on delicate glass surfaces, it’s best to use table mats and coasters where possible. 

Batyline Outdoor Furniture Care

Many of the seat backings and sun loungers in our collection are crafted from Batyline, a strong, tear-resistant fabric with UV resistance. 

This material is easy to care for, just requiring soapy water and our Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner when refreshing for the summer months. Avoid using abrasive products and solvents. 

Canvas Outdoor Furniture Care Products

The garden parasols in our collection are upholstered in high-quality canvas. 

Our Multi Outdoor Furniture Cleaner has been specifically designed to remove ingrained dirt, green deposits, mildew and weathering spots, whilst also helping to prevent new stains on your parasol.

How Do You Take Care of Outdoor Furniture?

To keep outdoor furniture looking and feeling fresher for longer, there are several ways you can provide additional protection from the elements.

Garden Furniture Covers

A luxury garden furniture cover is an easy way to minimise cleaning.

Outdoor Storage Boxes

Storing your furniture and garden accessories in covered, well-ventilated areas is another simple way to protect them.

Our outdoor storage boxes are perfect for keeping outdoor cushions and other essentials clean and dry. 

Looking for more ways to enhance your outdoor space? Explore our full collection of luxury garden essentials to complete the picture.

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