The materials used in the manufacture of the Indian Ocean® collections are carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards.

At Indian Ocean® our experts select the finest premium FSC Grade ‘A’ Plantation Teak.  The Teak must be free of knots and with straight, consistent grains.  We match the timber for colour and then cut the components before kiln-drying, to ensure a perfect fit and a frame that will not warp.  We use only teak dowels in our furniture joints and every element is sanded three times for a smooth, long-lasting velvety finish. 

Teak is naturally hard-wearing and long lasting; as Teak has the highest natural oil content of all hard woods we do not advise the application of Teak Oil. Oil will not prolong the life of your Indian Ocean furniture but may cause black spots, blemishes and uneven staining.

Do not be alarmed if small cracks appear in the end-grain of timbers as they are perfectly natural, and you need not worry - as the moisture in the atmosphere rises the timber will return to normal. You may also see white patterns appear on the teak - these are simply calcium deposits and are an intrinsic element of Teak - they do not affect the durability, performance or life expectancy of the item.

We are proud of our traditions but continue to break design boundaries with the innovative use of 304 grade Stainless Steel; the industry standard for outdoor products.  We use Stainless Steel fittings to give you reliability as well as comfort and style and use stainless steel widely across our contemporary designs.  We also value high-grade Aluminium for its strength, low weight and its resistance to corrosion and have incorporated it in a number of our collections. Chlorine and salty sea air are Stainless Steel's biggest enemy and can cause a type of corrosion that is known as pitting and more regular cleaning is needed.  For locations near the sea, we recommend that the Stainless Steel finish should be Electro-Polished which has a shinier finish and an enhanced resistance to corrosion or a Powder-Coated painted finish.

Our extensive All-Weather Weave designs include highly-technical woven materials which are natural to the touch, tear resistant, UV resistant, weather resistant and extremely durable. All-Weather weave furniture will soften in exceptionally high temperatures and become rigid in particularly cold temperatures.  There is no cause for concern as the weave will return to normal when returned to an ambient temperature.

We offer All-Weather Rope in a wide choice of colours, treated in an extrusion process which creates a synthetic fibre completely coloured throughout. All-Weather Rope combines texture with technology. The Rope is an innovative blend of two synthetic components resulting in a unique fibre with substantial practical strength. Indian Ocean Rope is water-repellent, chlorine, salt and UV resistant and ultimately recyclable.  The Rope is an excellent choice for marine or poolside locations and is inherently resistant to dirt and stains.

We continue to incorporate BATYLINE® and Sunbrella Sling, a polyester fibre which is PVC coated and then woven to create an exceptional fabric – the perfect material for seats and loungers. The fibres are then melted together in order to create an exceptionally strong, stretch and tear resistant fabric. Apart from its exceptional mechanical strength it has a high chemical resistance. The synthetic coating guarantees an extremely high weather and UV resistance. The fact that there is no moisture absorption results in rapid drying with maximum stain and mould resistance.

We put a great deal of work into our furniture so that only the minimum of maintenance is required by you.  However, a little regular TLC will ensure your furniture still looks good even after many years of outdoor use.  Please follow our care instructions.


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