Luxury Garden Parasols

Where there is light there must be shade; in the heat of the summer, you’ll need the assistance of a luxury garden parasol.

Luxury Parasols from Indian Ocean

Our range of high-quality garden parasols offer sun protection, shade and shelter from the elements while living up to your garden’s contemporary aesthetic. From sleek metal designs to high-grade Teak - explore the different styles and sizes in our range.

Luxury Cantilever Garden Parasols

Cantilever parasols provide flexible shade where you need it most in your outdoor space. Designed to float elegantly above your garden furniture, cantilever umbrellas are ideal for outdoor dining or poolside lounging during the heat of the summer. 

What To Look for in a Cantilever Umbrella?

A premium cantilever parasol should feature;

  • A tilt mechanism offering different shading angles for the canopy
  • Or smooth 360° canopy rotation
  • An easy-to-use open and closing mechanism
  • Sturdy pole and base
  • Premium quality struts and fittings
  • Weather resistant canopy fabric
  • Air vents
  • Storage bag/protector
  • Stylish design

Our collection of luxury cantilever parasols encompass all of the above features and more. 

Square Patio Umbrellas

Alternatively, a square parasol provides a more compact design that can be easily stored away when not in use. Our COOL Square Parasols fit seamlessly into modern outdoor settings and provide illumination with the bright white canopy. 

What Is The Best Garden Parasol For My Outdoor Space?

The right parasol for you depends on several factors, including the size, shape and location of your space, your design preferences and how you use your outdoor space. 

For example, if you often dine outdoors, a cantilever shade can offer flexible relief from the sun or light wind. 

Compact Garden Parasol

For smaller outdoor spaces such as balconies, roof gardens and terraces, a compact parasol makes the most sense. 

Our Cool 2m Square Parasols can fit neatly into tighter spaces and be easily stored away. The canopy is available in Cappuccino or White and features an Aluminium pole, struts and fittings.

The slightly larger 3m garden parasol is another clever option for smaller spaces. 

Large Garden Parasol

For wide-open lawns and lavish poolside decks, a larger parasol provides the cover you need to shelter from the sun’s rays. 

The generous Cool Cantilever 400cm Parasol features a clever tilt mechanism to provide shade around the clock with strong Aluminium fittings. 

Is Stainless Steel or Aluminum Better for a Patio Umbrella?

Both Stainless Steel and Aluminium offer their own advantages as a parasol material of choice. 

Stainless Steel is an iron alloy in which the resistance to corrosion is increased through the addition of chrome and nickel. It also lends a sleek, minimalist vibe to your outdoor space.  

Aluminium is lightweight and strong and comes in various finishes. 

If you live in a coastal area, we recommend opting for the electro-polishing finish on our Stainless Steel designs for added long-lasting protection against the elements.        

Alternatively, if you like to extend a nod towards tradition when it comes to your garden set up, our Umbria Parasol is constructed from the finest Eucalyptus Timber which is kiln-dried then treated with a natural Timber Sealer. The wooden elements lend a warm, Mediterranian feel to your space. 

How Do I Choose a Parasol Base?

The base you choose should complement the materials, colours and lines of the parasol pole and canopy. 

It should also depend on whether your parasol is freestanding or used through a table. 

Stainless Steel plate bases are designed to hold the shady central pole range of umbrellas when used through a dining table.

Granite parasol bases are best used when you plan to have a freestanding parasol, not through a table, which requires more weight and stability.

Choose from our range of sturdy bases;

Do Parasols Protect from the Sun?

The better coverage a parasol provides, the better the protection from harmful UV rays. The Shady X-centric Parasols feature a 360° rotating canopy to follow the sun and provide shade all day long.

Our parasol fabric is made from marine strength acrylic that is UV and mildew resistant. In addition, the fabric is Teflon treated to provide water and light soiling protection.

Find more information on how to care for your parasol in our Care and Maintenance Guide

Luxury Electric Pergolas & Gazebos

Looking for more ways to create shaded spots in your garden? Our collection of luxury electric pergolas feature remote-controlled roof blades, offering outstanding all-weather protection.

The water-resistant roof system, with integrated drainage, allows you to relax or entertain outdoors whether you need shelter from rain or shade from the heat of the midday sun.

Alternatively, our Marina Gazebo offers a simple, understated design.  

Benefits of a Luxury Outdoor Parasol

From cool outdoor dining to elegant poolside protection, a parasol is an essential element of any premium outdoor space. 

With a parasol you can;

  • Relax by the pool with enhanced sun protection
  • Find shade for reading and napping
  • Protect guests from the elements when entertaining outdoors
  • Cool down during the summer months 

From designer scatter cushions to atmospheric lighting, we know how to transform your outdoor space into a summer-time haven. 

Explore our full collection of luxury outdoor furniture to turn up the heat.

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