Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Elevate open-air cooking to a full culinary experience with an Indian Ocean luxury outdoor kitchen accessories.

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Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Explore some of the different kitchen appliances and units in our collection;

Outdoor Grills

The grill is an essential element of any outdoor kitchen. From grilled meats to vegetable medleys, take barbecues to the next level with a premium quality grill. 

Our Stainless Steel Fulgor Grill is a professional, built-in appliance featuring four gas burners for grilling and roasting. It also contains a frying plate and a backup battery for electronic ignition. 

Alternatively, the Napoleon Grill combines ergonomic design with the highest quality components for Michelin standard outdoor cooking. This model features a roll-top lid and rotisserie burner. 

How Do You Winterise an Outdoor Kitchen?

Want to continue cooking and eating outdoors all year round? It’s entirely possible by integrating smart outdoor heaters and maximising lighting to create a sense of warmth. 

Placing an outdoor rug on the floor and adding outdoor scatter cushions to seating is another way of creating a welcoming atmosphere in the winter months. 

Opulent Outdoor Dining

Enjoy the best of the great outdoors with our range of luxury garden accessories  - all designed to make outdoor dining an unforgettable experience.

Choose elegant and design-forward outdoor dining chairs and outdoor dining tables to impress your guests, all curated with comfort and beauty in mind. 

Explore our full collection of luxury outdoor furniture to complete your outdoor kitchen area.

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