Illuminating Garden Lighting Ideas: Setting the Scene
News   /   12 October 2020

Illuminating Garden Lighting Ideas: Setting the Scene

Extend your time outdoors after the sun goes down with a selection of sophisticated lighting options.

From intimate courtyards to stylish front gardens and luxurious lawns, we share some contemporary garden lighting ideas to help you create an atmospheric landscape.

Let’s take a look at how to set the scene in your outdoor space and transform your garden into an evening paradise.

Illuminating Garden Lighting Ideas: Setting the Scene Illuminating Garden Lighting Ideas: Setting the Scene

What are the Best Outdoor Lights to Illuminate your Garden?

We explore some of the different types of luxury outdoor lighting available to help you find the ideal fit for your exterior.

Solar Garden Lighting Ideas

For warmer climates or during sunny months, solar-powered lights are green, renewable and durable; the perfect eco-friendly solution when it comes to illuminating your garden.

Scatter twinkling solar lights along the fence line or use bollard lights to lead the way along a paved garden path to transform your space into a magical retreat.

LED Garden Lights

LED garden lighting has many benefits; it offers lower power consumption and higher light emission, as well as lasting much longer than a halogen bulb, which makes them the ideal option for pairing with solar technology.

LED lighting ranges from string lights and rope lights to spotlights and stake lights. To create a tranquil atmosphere, choose warm white rather than cool as it gives a softer glow to your outdoor space.

Battery-Powered Lighting

Install sophisticated wall lights, line paths with festoon lights and team with flickering lanterns at ground level to add ambience and create a magical atmosphere without the need for a power point. Outdoor battery lights with a timer function are low maintenance and ideal for regular use.

Illuminating Garden Lighting Ideas: Setting the Scene

Modern Garden Lighting Ideas

Try these contemporary lighting options to create a design-forward look in your garden.

Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights can be decorative and functional. They can magically illuminate a pathway as well as keeping your home secure. Wall lights are a subtle, more sophisticated approach to garden security lighting and can help make your home feel safer.

You’ll discover a host of different styles out there, including: disc-shaped lights, log lights, swivel lights, gate lights, spotlights and hanging pendant lights. Garden sheds can also be fitted with wall lighting, in the form of LEDs that can be mounted to the walls.

Garden Security Lights

Keeping your outdoor area secure and protected is of utmost importance, fortunately, there are many security lighting solutions out there to ensure the safety of your garden. Motion-detection systems can detect motion in the garden and turn on a bright, illuminating spot light in response. You can choose from flood lights and powerful LED lighting which boast a long lifespan and low power consumption.

Patio and Decking Lights

Outdoor lighting ideas for patios and decking are plentiful and can bring elegance and charm to your contemporary garden by simply adding a string of lights over the patio area. There are styles designed to be mounted to the floor of the deck; these disc-shaped LED lights emit blue, cool white or warm white light depending on the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Torches and candles are also a great choice for your patio space by providing ambient mood lighting whilst keeping insects at bay.

Pergola and Gazebo Lights

Pergolas and gazebos are the perfect addition to your garden and can be a permanent fixture, come rain or shine. Lighting up these structures as the evening draws in will illuminate your garden design and everything in it; the luxury garden furniture, accessories and water features, creating a magical space even in the dead of night.

If there is a power source nearby then consider electric garden lights for complete ease of use. String lights with their durable cables and extendable lengths are ideal for wrapping or hanging. Wooden pergolas are enhanced by symmetrical lines and gazebo lights work best when softly draped.

Illuminating Garden Lighting Ideas: Setting the Scene Illuminating Garden Lighting Ideas: Setting the Scene

Top Tips to the Perfect Party Lighting

Your outdoor area can be an ideal option for hosting garden parties all year round (with a heat source, such as a fire pit or outdoor heater in the cooler months). Lighting is essential for these soiree’s and party lights lay an illuminating foundation.

Choose fairy lights for larger entertaining spaces; spanning courtyard patios or pergolas, they can be teamed with paper lanterns, which come in many designs, colours and sizes to create a sense of diversity and bring a vibrant and magical atmosphere to your party. For more intimate gatherings, you can create a cosy atmosphere and a warm glow using candles and tealights.

What’s a party without crowd-pleasing cocktails? Enhance your cocktail hour with our stylish drinks trolley to mix your martinis.

Sophisticated Outdoor Dining

Entertaining outdoors is all about creating a dining area that is as comfortable and inviting as your living room. It doesn’t matter what style or size garden you have, it’s about setting the perfect scene and the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. The first step to achieving the look is the outdoor dining table and furniture.

From there, it's all about the lighting. Lanterns are ideal for your trees and shrubs, candles and table lamps offer beautiful tabletop illumination and elegant floor lights can enhance the dining area.

There’s no better way to compliment al fresco dining than by al fresco cooking. Our luxury outdoor kitchen appliances, sport the latest tech and ergonomic designs that will revolutionise your entire food preparation process and enhance your culinary experience.

Extend your time outdoors after the sun goes down with a selection of sophisticated and luxurious designer outdoor lighting options and transform your garden into an evening paradise.


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