Cool Parasol Collection

Turn down the heat this summer with our Cool collection of premium parasols, providing shade for your outdoor space where you need it most. 

Indian Ocean Garden Parasols

Our range of high-quality garden parasols offer sun protection, shade and shelter from the elements whilst fitting seamlessly into your modern garden. Our Cool collection is constructed from strong Aluminum and Acrylic Teflon treated fabric. 

High-End Cantilever Parasols

Cantilever parasols provide flexible shade. Designed to float elegantly above your garden sofas, sun loungers and tables, cantilever umbrellas are ideal for outdoor dining or poolside lounging during the summer months. 

UV Resistant Parasols

The canvas fabric used in our Cool Collection is made from marine strength acrylic that is UV and mildew resistant to protect from water and light soiling and to ensure maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Our full collection is listed below;

Cool Cantilever: 400cm, 300cm and 270cm

This parasol boasts several features to provide the best possible shade from the sun's rays, including a tilt mechanism offering several angles for the canopy and an easy-to-use winch mechanism to open and close the parasol. Available in a clean white or stylish cappuccino canopy to keep you cool.

Parasol features include;

  • Aluminium pole, struts and fittings
  • Canopy available in Cappuccino and White
  • Air vent
  • White Base included
  • Available in 3x4m, 3x3m & 2x2.7m sizes

Large Garden Parasols

For lavish lawns and decadent poolside decks, a larger parasol is ideal and provides the cover you and your family need to shelter from the sun. 

400cm Cool Cantilever

Frame finishes;

  • Aluminium
  • Anthracite (Powder-coated)
  • White (Powder-coated)


  • Height 280cm - Width 400cm - Depth 300cm
  • Closed clearance 25cm
  • Pole & Canvas Weight 77kg

Dimensions Base;

  • Height 19cm - Width 120cm - Depth 53cm
  • Base Weight 190kg

3m Garden Parasols

If a medium-sized parasol is the perfect fit for your outdoor space, choose our 3m shade;

Cool Cantilever 300cm

Frame finishes;

  • Aluminium
  • Anthracite (Powder-coated)
  • White (Powder-coated)


  • Height 280cm - Width 300cm - Depth 300cm
  • Closed clearance 70cm
  • Pole & Canvas Weight 76kg

Dimensions Base; 

  • Height 15cm - Width 120cm - Depth 53cm
  • Base Weight 150kg

Compact Garden Parasols

Roof gardens, terraces and smaller outdoor spaces may require a more compact parasol;

Cool Cantilever 270cm


  • Height 255cm - Width 270cm - Depth 200cm
  • Pole & Canvas Weight 70kg

Dimensions Base;

  • Height 15cm - Width 120cm - Depth 53cm
  • Base Weight 150kg


Cool Square Parasols: 2m and 3m

The Cool square parasols offer an alternative to the large Cantilever parasols - being smaller and lighter to accommodate smaller outdoor spaces and moved and stored with ease. This parasol suits a contemporary setting and provides a good amount of illumination with the bright white canopy.

Parasol features include;

  • Aluminium pole, struts and fittings
  • Air vent
  • Canopy available in either Cappuccino or White
  • Available in two sizes 2m square and 3m square 

Canvas colours;

  • White
  • Cappuccino 

Square Patio Umbrellas

A square parasol offers a more compact design that can be easily stored away when not in use. 

Cool 2m Square Parasols


  • Height 242cm - Width 200cm - Depth 200cm
  • Pole Diameter - 4cm
  • Cool 3m Square Parasols


  • Height 260cm - Width 300cm - Depth 300cm
  • Pole Diameter 5cm

Premium Parasol Bases

We provide a range of bases to support our elegant sunshades and recommend different bases for different purposes;

Heavier granite parasol bases are best used when you plan to have a free-standing parasol, not through a table, which requires more weight and stability.

Stainless Steel plate bases are designed to hold the central pole range of umbrellas when used through an outdoor dining table.

Choose from our range of sturdy bases;


Caring for Your Cool Garden Furniture

Extend the life of your garden shades with help from our outdoor furniture care and maintenance guide.

Explore our luxury garden furniture ranges to fully equip your outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining in the sunshine.

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