Collections Explained: Burnham Furniture for Outdoor Luxury
Products   /   13 November 2020

Collections Explained: Burnham Furniture for Outdoor Luxury

The Burnham Outdoor Furniture Collection is one of our heritage ranges.

The collection includes a range of outdoor dining furniture, plus a selection of loungers, all designed ergonomically to help you relax and enjoy your outdoors in maximum comfort.

Explore the collection to find out how you could make the most of this sustainable, stylish and flexible furniture collection.

About the Burnham Furniture Range

The Burnham Furniture Collection has been produced by Indian Ocean for over 20 years, with only minor tweaks to the timeless design. However, the classic look and feel hasn’t changed. Simply put - when you get the furniture design right, don’t mess with it.

The dining side of the collection is full of sumptuous curves, this has the effect of softening the furniture and helps it to meld with its surroundings. Wooden garden furniture is common but this harmony between the furniture and its environment is what makes our luxury furniture stand out.

The folding elements also offer a level of flexibility which is essential for those who enjoy large gatherings as much as smaller, more intimate outdoor dining sessions. The high quality of these fixings ensures their durability survives the test of time.

The Burnham Steamer Chairs remind us of the golden age of sea travel, their flexibility and comfort makes them sought after pieces to showcase in your garden. The ability to fold and store away, combined with the lower leg support results in the ultimate chair to sit and enjoy the waves roll by.

The Burnham Loungeris ideal for versatile relaxation in the garden. Its dual back reclining and knee support provides numerous resting positions to choose from. There is even a cleverly hidden side table, which slides out when needed.

Luxury Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Sustainable Teak is the primary material featured in the Burnham Collection. We use only the finest quality FSC approved Grade A Teak. This means that each piece of Teak can be traced back to when, where and who harvested the tree.

We quality control our Teak to make sure we only use the knot free, straight grain sections. The Teak is then kiln dried, shaped and sanded three times to create the unmistakable velvety finish.

Collections Explained: Burnham Furniture for Outdoor Luxury Collections Explained: Burnham Furniture for Outdoor Luxury

Perfect Outdoor Dining Set

Our folding and extending collection of dining furniture is ideal for those who could be entertaining close family one day and hosting a party the next. Extending outdoor tables offer maximum flexibility when you’re looking for the perfect furniture set.

Burnham folding chairs are compact and can be easily stored away without taking up too much storage space.

Each piece of furniture by Indian Ocean is carefully designed to interact with other pisces in the range seamlessly. The mechanics of our folding and extending fixtures, fittings and mechanisms are made from high quality Stainless Steel, the quality of these ensure their longevity and ease of use. We would always remind you to use these mechanisms regularly, a little stretch now and then will be of huge benefit to those joints in the long run.

Best Selling Products

We list some of the best selling products in the Burnham range.

Burnham Extending Teak Tables

The Burnham extending table is crafted from solid teak with stainless steel fixtures and fittings. Luxury features include:

  • Parasol hole
  • Smooth ergonomic design, including bowed leg design
  • Static centre bar allows the table to be open and closed without the need to remove your luxury garden parasol
  • Collaborates with all styles of teak dining chairs
  • Available in two sizes, butterfly extending sections fold away neatly under the table top

Burnham Dining Chair

The Burnham dining chair features;

  • Solid Teak construction
  • Folding mechanism
  • Stainless steel fixtures and fittings
  • Folds easily away for storage or transport
  • Matching Carver chair and Extending Table
  • Dining pads available separately

Burnham Lounger

The teak Burnham lounger is perfect for lounging in the garden. Features include:

  • Solid Teak construction
  • Folding mechanism
  • Stainless steel fixtures and fittings
  • Reclining back and knee support
  • Integrated sliding side table
  • Rear wheels make maneuvering the lounger quick and easy
  • Lounger Cushion available separately


Collections Explained: Burnham Furniture for Outdoor Luxury Collections Explained: Burnham Furniture for Outdoor Luxury

Caring for Your Burnham Furniture

Caring for your Teak furniture is very simple, all our Teak outdoor furniture comes unvarnished, leaving you with the greatest flexibility with how you would like your furniture to age. Your teak will develop a silvery grey patina, this weathering can take some years depending on the conditions. A light sanding and alittle cleaning yearly is all that’s needed to keep the teak looking its best.

If you wish to keep the warm colour of your Teak we have some simple suggestions. Covering your furniture will help to protect the furniture through the more damaging seasons. We offer a range of Outdoor Furniture Covers designed to fit over your table and chairs, equipped with drawstrings and made from a breathable material to prevent the growth of algae.

Cleaning spillages is essential, our Teak shampoo is designed as a quick spot cleaner. Our Cleaner and Restorer can also be used in the spring to clean your furniture for the upcoming season, followed by a coat of Teak Sealer which will protect the teak for a period, depending on the conditions.

A full description on caring for your Teak can be found on our Care and Maintenance guide.

Designer Garden Furniture: What to Look For

Firstly, be clear on what you’re looking for, a compact dining area, maybe a large corner sofa or perhaps an inviting sofa area with matching loungers?

Materials are always the most important consideration when choosing your luxurious outdoor furniture. High quality materials will last longer and offer a more enjoyable outdoor experience. Folding furniture can be an excellent answer to the question of small spaces and how to maximize them.

Always give your furniture space to breathe. While you might want to make the most of every inch of your garden, sometimes a little space makes the whole area flow better.

Sustainably sourced Teak will add a warm and natural feel which will help it blend into the natural environment around it, this is ideal if you have a natural styling to your garden.

Stainless steel, Ceramic and HPL all create stunning, sharp lines which work to complement the angles of a contemporary outdoor space.

All-weather Ropes and Weaves are a great bridge between these two styles, adding texture and warmth with all the stylings of the more modern designs.

Indian Ocean will always work with the highest quality of materials and design, our longevity as a company is based on the longevity of our furniture.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture: Finishing Touches

Looking to add the final missing element? Outdoor rugs can be a clear and colourful way to define sections of large patios or paved areas.

Adding Luxury Scatter Cushions to a garden chair is a quick and easy way to make it more inviting by using colour and pattern to tie your outdoor areas to your interior themes.

Breaking up man made areas can soften a section of decking, adding planters to your space can bring touches of nature into your outdoor space, without having to redesign your garden. Browse our collection of Luxury Outdoor Accessories for other essential elements to create your perfect outdoor area.

Looking for something a little different? Our curated selection of luxury garden furniture features everything from contemporary steel designs to stylish ceramic surfaces. Explore the collection.

Collections Explained: Burnham Furniture for Outdoor Luxury Collections Explained: Burnham Furniture for Outdoor Luxury

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