Ninix Collection

The Ninix outdoor furniture collection is a stunning minimalist set designed for maximum comfort. 

Ninix Garden Furniture

Metal seating in 304-grade Stainless Steel is low maintenance, durable and lends a sleek, contemporary feel to your outdoor space. The high-performance outdoor Batyline fabric has the feel of a sumptuous indoor sofa with the durability and strength to withstand the elements.

Our extensive collection includes the following;

  • Ninix 55 Armchair
  • Ninix 55 Powder-Coated Armchair
  • Ninix Dining Tables
  • Ninix Powder-Coated Extending Dining Tables
  • Ninix Extending Teak Table
  • Ninix 195 Lounger
  • Ninix 195 Powder-Coated Lounger
  • Ninix Side Table
  • Ninix Powder-Coated Side Table
  • Ninix Teak Side Table
  • Ninix 43 Bar Chair
  • Ninix 43 Powder-Coated Bar Chair
  • Ninix Bar Table
  • Ninix Powder-Coated Bar Table
  • Ninix 77 Relax Chair
  • Ninix 77 Powder-Coated Relax Chair
  • Ninix 154 Bench
  • Ninix 154 Powder-Coated Bench
  • Ninix 60 Relax Chair
  • Ninix 60 Powder-Coated Relax chair
  • Ninix Footstool
  • Ninix Powder-Coated Footstool
  • Ninix Low Tables
  • Ninix Powder-Coated Low Tables
  • Ninix Teak Low Tables

High-End Outdoor Furniture Materials and Finishes

Optimised ergonomics and refined quality and design. Our high-quality Ninix collection features a combination of sleek Stainless Steel frames, the finest premium FSC Grade ‘A’ Plantation Teak and weather-resistant Batyline. Each piece is available in three colours: Black, Cappuccino or White Batyline which perfectly complement both the Stainless Steel and Powder-coated Stainless Steel frame finishes.

For locations near the sea, we recommend that the Stainless Steel finish should be Electro-Polished which has a shinier finish and an enhanced resistance to corrosion or a Powder-Coated painted finish.

Innovative Outdoor Seating

The Ninix collection incorporates a wide range of premium chairs. 

Premium Outdoor Tables

The continuous flowing lines of the Ninix dining, bar, side and low garden tables are crafted from Stainless Steel frames combined with a solid Teak or Ceramic table top. Ninix dining tables are available in square, rectangular and innovative extending options to cater to every outdoor space. 

Modern Stainless Steel Sun Loungers

The Ninix 195 Lounger is sleek, contemporary and stylish, enhancing your outdoor space whilst you soak up the sunshine. A gas spring-operated positioning mechanism gives the adjustable sunlounger unequalled ergonomics.

Accessories for Sophisticated Outdoor Living

Add an array of garden accessories to complement the modern design and clean lines of the Ninix modular collection. 

Each and every one of our outdoor furniture collections has been carefully considered and crafted using premium materials. 

Explore our luxury outdoor furniture ranges to find the perfect match for your outdoor space.

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