Electric Angled Pergola

An alternative to Aluminium blades, the Angled Pergola features a fully retractable waterproof fabric roof, giving you the option of a full-sky view or protection from the sun and rain. 

Made to your dimensions, please contact us for more information or to request a quotation at 

*price based on 250x300cm Angled Electric Pergola.


Electric Pergola Shade Features

  • Outdoor weather protection
  • Fully retractable roof
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Available accessories; Fabric Screens, Overhead LED's and Outdoor Heaters
  • Remote-controlled operating system
  • Range of colours available

Available sizing

Maximum Width (per roof section) 600cm
Maximum Depth (per roof section) 500cm
Maximum Passage Height 290cm

Multiple roof sections can be joined to cover larger spaces, vertical columns and roof supports may be necessary.

Angled Pergola Roof

Enjoy some extra shade on a sunny day or find shelter from the rain with this elegant electric pergola. 

The pergola can be attached to exterior walls and be used to protect and enhance your luxury outdoor kitchen, living space, hot tub area or poolside. 

Use the simple, remote-controlled operating system to effortlessly open and retract the weather-resistant fabric roof. 

Select extra features such as LED lighting or heaters to tailor the pergola to your space and create a sophisticated outdoor living area. 

Discover the Pergola Collection

Our luxury electric pergolas allow you to relax or entertain outdoors whether you need shelter from rain or shade from the heat of the midday sun.

Explore the full collection...

Featuring silent Aluminium blades and rain-sensing options. 

What is the Best Material for a Pergola?

We only use the very finest of outdoor materials to design and craft our collection of pergolas. 

We use high-grade Aluminium for its strength, low weight and resistance to corrosion, in combination with durable, weather-resistant outdoor fabrics.

Angled or Flat Pergola?

An angled or sloped pergola allows for natural water runoff and superior sun protection.

While a flat-roofed pergola adds a contemporary look and feel to your outdoor space and allows for the addition of sliding glass doors or cedar panels. 

Pergola Ideas and Outdoor Design

For help planning your outdoor space, our design and planning team are well placed to advise and inspire. 

From creating an outdoor room for entertaining to blending your existing external architecture with your outdoor furniture - get in touch for expert help. 

Start planning your space by browsing luxury outdoor furniture.

Site visit required prior to confirmation of order. 

Delivery and installation available for UK orders.
Delivery and installation supervision provided for international orders.
Delivery and installation charges provided upon quotation request.
Please see the electric shade terms and conditions.

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