Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas
News   /   16 October 2020

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Extend your living space with our luxury outdoor kitchen design ideas.

An outdoor kitchen is the ultimate space to enjoy cooking, eating, and outdoor entertaining. A luxury kitchen will transform your garden; combining big flavours with elegant fixtures and designs. 

Planning an outdoor kitchen for your own garden, courtyard or patio is a must, whatever the weather and having a cooking station outdoors ensures your outdoor dining needs little preparation. 


How to Design a Modern Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen Layout

A good layout will make the most of your available space, keep everything well organised and enhance the ‘flow’ of your cooking area. Layout is determined by space and shape and is as important for an outdoor kitchen as it is for an indoor kitchen. Your space will require a strong, level foundation, so avoid porous paving in case of spills.

If you're running electricity and water to an outdoor cooking area, it’s important to plan for this from the offset when initially deciding upon your kitchen position. 

L-shaped, linear designs and island kitchens are the most popular choice; they work perfectly by separating your kitchen from a dining or entertainment area. Consider the best locations for your cold and hot zones and allow enough space for a food prep area. 

For smaller spaces, our Forte Slimline Kitchen is a free-standing  compact unit, designed to be situated against a wall, with storage and retractable extra workspace. 


Surroundings and Design

It’s important that your patio kitchen has the ability to fit in with its surrounding landscape. Choose colours and textures that compliment or extend that style.


Cooking Appliances

When building an outdoor kitchen, choosing high-quality, modern appliances are a top priority. Here are a few of the most popular appliances needed when cooking outdoors:

  • Outdoor fridge
  • Ice maker
  • Wine & beer chiller
  • Built-in cold beverage bin
  • Bar or cocktail area
  • Two-sided grill - one side for grilling meats and one side for grilling bread, vegetables and other non-meat items
  • Side burner
  • Pizza oven
  • Storage boxes or drawers
  • Outdoor Sink & Dishwasher
  • Waste disposal


The Grill Area

There’s no outdoor kitchen without a grill station and it is frequently the centre piece to your outdoor area. For the latest technology in outdoor cooking, combining ergonomic design with the highest standard components, explore our outdoor kitchen grills.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

The Perfect Pizza Oven

An outdoor kitchen isn’t complete without a pizza oven. If you are an avid pizza enthusiast and have the space to accommodate one, a large oven is a perfect choice. There are a few options to choose from: built-in, freestanding or hybrid ovens. 

  • A built-in pizza oven looks professional and sleek, will add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space and can cook multiple pizzas at once.
  • Freestanding ovens are a more cost-effective option and can be moved around with ease. They still have the capability to cook more than one pizza at a time and usually come equipped with a protective cover and can be left out all year round. 
  • Hybrid pizza ovens can double-up as a BBQ which is impressive in itself. This hybrid technologallows all types of cooking and is configurable according to your required cooking methods. 


Outdoor Storage

Storage can be as sleek and elegant as the rest of your outdoor kitchen. Simple shelves fixed to a fence or a spacious box to fit with your outdoor decor and style of your garden will keep your appliances or accessories not only neat and tidy but clean and dry. 

Outdoor Kitchen Materials

An outdoor kitchen needs to withstand the elements; strong winds, heavy rain, extreme heat and ice and snow. With that in mind, your chosen materials should be tough enough to survive every season. Stainless steel is the perfect option; it’s durable, sleek and easy to clean, providing the perfect, low maintenance material for outdoor countertops.

For those looking for a warmer feel in their kitchen - or prefer to have consistency between their indoor and outdoor spaces - tile is a great alternative for countertops. Tiles come in a multitude of different colours, designs and textures, however, non-porous and fade-resistant porcelain tiles are recommended and won’t crack in extreme weather conditions. 

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Accessories

Once the kitchen essentials have been finalised and fitted, turn your attention to the finer details. Enhancing your kitchen decor will bring your outdoor space to life; adding in garden accessories, potted plants and luxury seating can create an inviting and inspirational outdoor space. 

Why not enhance your cocktail hour with our stylish drinks trolley to mix your martinis whilst entertaining guests?

Covered Outdoor Kitchens: Pergolas & Electric Shades

An outdoor cover not only protects your cooking or dining area from the elements but it also perfectly frames your outdoor space. 

With an electric shade, you’re able to control your automatic pergola from one central point, for example, together with your patio heater and patio lighting. You can create exactly the atmosphere you want on your terrace. Pergolas are also eco friendly, increasing energy efficiency by reducing sunlight and glare on cooling appliances. 

A pergola is also a place to mount or drape outdoor lights to illuminate countertops and appliances.


Stay Warm in the Winter

Entertain long into the winter months, with either a fire pit or luxury outdoor heaters

The best outdoor heaters combine luxury design with practicality, energy efficiency and effortless upkeep, to keep you warm without compromising on aesthetics.

Our appliances sport the latest tech and ergonomic designs that will revolutionise your entire food preparation process and enhance your culinary experience.

Elevate your open-air kitchen design with a luxury Indian Ocean outdoor kitchen.

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