How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen Bar to Impress
News   /   08 December 2020

How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen Bar to Impress


A private outdoor bar is the ultimate in luxury outdoor living. The perfect hideaway or entertaining space, depending on the mood.

To build a premium outdoor dining and drinking area that gets the neighbours talking, we share expert advice on how to create an outdoor kitchen bar using the finest materials, craftsmanship and accessories.

Discover what you'll need and how to make it shine.

How Do You Make a Garden Bar?

The first things to consider when building an outdoor kitchen and bar include location, theme and requirements.

Designing Your Outdoor Space

Firstly, think about the intended purpose. Do you want to use this space for outdoor entertaining with large groups of friends and family? Or do you wish to create an intimate sanctuary for laidback, al fresco dining and drinking?

These factors will determine the size, layout and appliances needed. Likewise, cocktail aficionados will require additional appliances and kitchen tools such as ice buckets, shakers and mini-fridges, while wine fridges are essential for wine buffs.

Outdoor Bar Location

Next, plan the best area to construct your upscale outdoor bar. For smaller bars without large appliances, you may want to place nearer the main house or building for easier access. Remote bars will require additional appliances such as built-in sinks and electricity for comfort.
Whether it’s that perfect sunny corner or poolside spot, once you have the location nailed it’s time to start designing.

Outdoor Bar Plans & Design

The layout of your home bar should cater perfectly to your needs. Appliances and equipment need to be in easy reach as well as ensuring optimal comfort for guests.

Storage space will be needed for ingredients and drinking ware, as well as access to electricity for outdoor grills and appliances.
Here are a few options for layout;

  • An L-shaped bar is conducive to socialising, ensuring the conversation flows as easily as the wine as people can be seated facing each other. It also works well in corner locations
  • An outdoor kitchen island provides a central hub around which food can be prepared and cocktails poured
How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen Bar to Impress How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen Bar to Impress

Outdoor Bar Ideas: Themes & Decor

Here comes the fun part - deciding on a theme for styling your garden bar.
Whether you opt for a tropical tiki theme with twinkling outdoor lanterns and vibrant scatter cushions, or an elegant Mediterranean style with eclectic tiling and reclaimed wood - we can help upgrade your home improvements with our design and planning service.

Roofed Bar & Kitchen

A roofed outdoor bar provides shelter from the elements, allowing you to entertain outdoors all year round.
One option is to construct a rustic wooden pergola draped in foliage or lights.
Alternatively, a modern electric shade can provide full protection from sun, rain and wind to keep guests comfortable whatever the weather.

DIY Outdoor Bar

Creating your own DIY garden bar can be a fun project and allows you to style it to your exact requirements. From hipster pallets to repurposed, upcycled furniture - this is your chance to let your inner designer loose.

Professional & Contemporary Stainless Steel Bar

Investing in a professional, fully fitted outdoor bar and kitchen can take your outdoor space to the next level. A quality outdoor kitchen will remain slick and well functioning for years to come and will provide a more comfortable and impressive environment in which to entertain guests.

Another benefit of opting for a professional outdoor bar is the luxurious extras on offer, such as;

  • In-build LED lights for outdoor parties
  • Sliding worktops that transform into a bartop
  • Seamless, retractable taps
  • Magnetic draws
  • Discreet, hidden cooking appliances
  • All the mod cons of an indoor kitchen
How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen Bar to Impress

What Should I Put in my Garden Bar?

The appliances, equipment and luxury extras you choose to house in your outdoor bar should reflect your love for entertaining.

Appliances and Bar Equipment

Outdoor kitchen appliances to include;

  • A pizza oven
  • Outdoor sink
  • Integrated grill for outdoor cooking 
  • Outdoor fridge for drinks, snacks and canape ingredients
  • Flat plate
  • Gas burners
  • Waste disposal
  • Storage

Luxury Outdoor Bar Accessories

Here are some ideas for luxury finishing touches;

How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen Bar to Impress

Outdoor Bar Seating and Tables

You will also need to include designer garden tables and luxury outdoor seating to complete the setup.
Outdoor bar stools are the ideal seating option, allowing your guests to perch and chat while drinks are prepared.

For tables, choose from rectangular outdoor bar tables to accommodate elaborate dining or smaller, square bar tables to host drinks and snacks.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you’re a foodie who loves to sample extravagant canapes and small plates while you enjoy a drink, incorporating a full outdoor kitchen into your home bar is a must.
Our Uber Outdoor Kitchen is a free-standing, fully integrated system designed for upscale entertaining. Featuring a mechanical surface that lifts to reveal professional cooking equipment, a built-in bar and LED downlights.
For smaller spaces, the Forte Slimline Kitchen includes a sink, integrated grill, retractable workspace and outdoor fridge encased in a minimalist, concrete-effect unit. Ideal for entertaining in modern outdoor spaces.

How Do I Set Up An Outdoor Kitchen?

If you’re looking for help designing the perfect outdoor bar to cater to your needs, we can help create a bespoke entertainment area, with outdoor kitchen plans combining the very best of our outdoor design and luxury craftsmanship.
Browse our luxury outdoor kitchens to get a taste of what’s on offer.

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