How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture: Step by Step Guide
News   /   13 January 2021

How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture: Step by Step Guide

Wooden garden furniture is a popular choice for many outdoor spaces, and for good reason. Quality wooden furniture is durable, comfortable and versatile enough for a wide variety of occasions.

To keep your furniture looking and performing at it’s best, some regular care and maintenance is needed. We share a simple yet comprehensive guide on how to protect wooden garden furniture to help you care for your Indian Ocean pieces all year round.

Treating Hardwood Garden Furniture

Across our wooden furniture collections, we select only the finest, high-quality Teak. This FSC Grade A Plantation Teak provides a long-lasting and durable material from which to craft both classic and contemporary outdoor tables and chairs.

Thankfully, quality wooden garden furniture doesn’t require too much maintenance. Follow these three steps to prolong the life of your furniture and maintain it’s premium finish.

How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: How to Clean Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Before treating or restoring your wooden furniture, it’s important to first clean the surface.

Mop up spills with towels or kitchen paper as and when they occur to avoid any permanent stains. For regular cleaning and removal of dirt and dust, use a mild soapy solution and water to clean surfaces.

If you notice any remaining marks, these can be gently sanded off with very fine sandpaper. Lightly sand in the direction of the grain to maintain a seamless finish.

For tougher stains and caked-on dirt, a cleaning product can come in handy. Our Teak Shampoo is a light, non-acidic product which can be used for spot cleaning and removing stubborn stains such as red wine.

Always ensure you use a product designed for the material of your furniture and never pressure wash your Indian Ocean wooden furniture.

Step 2: How to Restore Wooden Garden Furniture

If your wood garden furniture has been stored away for the winter or left outside unused for a period of time, it may need restoring to its original glory.

Fallen leaves, dirt, wind, rain and sun can all affect the surface of the exterior wood if left untreated. After about three months of outdoor exposure to moisture and sunlight, the new wood of our Teak furniture begins to mature naturally and take on a beautiful and distinctive silver-grey patina.

To restore your furniture back to its original colour and remove ingrained dirt or stains, the Teak Cleaner and Restorer does a perfect job. Suitable for use on all types of hardwood furniture, this product helps to remove the grey film, grease, algae and white marks as well as opening the pores in the wood ready for sealing.

To reach between wooden slats and tricky corners, use a stiff brush with product applied.

Step 3: How to Protect Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Much of outdoor furniture care involves preemptive maintenance. To ensure your furniture retains its luxurious look and feel for years to come, it’s important to protect it from harsh weather and moisture.

If left untreated, periods of excess rain, wind or harsh sun can leave your furniture with mildew and cracks in the surface.

To avoid this, we recommend using a Wooden Furniture Sealer for long-term protection against rapid weathering, UV, dirt, stains, deterioration and ageing of the wood.

Apply this two or three times a year for optimum protection.

It’s worth noting that teak outdoor furniture does nor require teak oil or wood stain. As it contains a high level of natural oils, hardwood oil will not help to protect it and may even cause staining or black spots.

How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture: Step by Step Guide

Caring for Wooden Folding Chairs and Extending Tables

After being stored away for winter, the joints of outdoor folding chairs and extending tables can become a little stiff. To remedy this, simply apply a little lubricant on a cloth over the runners.

When to Care for Wooden Garden Furniture

At the beginning of the summer season (or the season you use it most) give your furniture a quick clean. You may want to restore your furniture at this stage too. Protecting and sealing can occur either at the end of summer or the beginning.

Wooden Garden Furniture Care and Maintenance Tips

To help you look after your furniture as effortlessly as possible, we answer some common questions around wood furniture care and maintenance.

How do you Weatherproof Wooden Furniture?

To protect the wood from the elements, we recommend using a Sealer at least twice a year.

It also helps to position wooden outdoor furniture in the most covered or protected area of your garden or outdoor space.

For extra protection, you could install electric outdoor shades to provide a barrier against excess sun or moisture.

Do you Need to Cover Wooden Garden Furniture?

If you plan to store your furniture away over the winter period, or if it undergoes long periods of unuse, it’s worth protecting it with a garden furniture cover.

A furniture cover provides a water repellant yet breathable barrier to help keep furniture clean and safe.

What is the Best Treatment for Wooden Garden Furniture?

We recommend using a Sealer to treat wooden garden furniture. Always use a good quality product that has been specifically designed for the materials found in your garden furniture.

Our Teak Sealer is a resin-based Sealer which feeds the Teak with its own raw natural materials. The polymers render the wood waterproof (while still letting it breathe) and prevent it from becoming black. The raw material (Tectona Grandis Resin) ensures optimum protection without discolouration.

How to Protect Wooden Garden Furniture: Step by Step Guide

What Oil is Best for Outdoor Wood Furniture?

Garden furniture oil is not always the best option for protecting wooden furniture. Bear in mind that there is a wide variety of wood types used in furniture construction, and the best treatment for softwood furniture will not be the same for hardwoods such as teak.

We do not recommend the use of oil on our Teak furniture ranges.

How Long Does Wooden Garden Furniture Last?

If cared for properly, wooden garden furniture is very long-lasting and can even outlive humans! However, this also depends on the quality of wood and craftsmanship.

For more tips and advice on caring for your furniture, please consult our outdoor furniture care and maintenance guide.

Discover the Best Protection for Outdoor Wood Furniture

Our range of garden furniture care products have been carefully manufactured with quality ingredients to help protect and restore without damaging the surface of the materials. From stainless steel to glass and canvas - we’ve got an expert solution to make outdoor furniture maintenance easy.

Our Luxury Teak Garden Furniture Collections

We believe wooden garden furniture should be beautifully crafted from the finest materials for comfort, practicality and stunning design. Several of our luxury collections feature teak as the star, from the classic Burnham range to the modern Cove collection.

Browse our full collection of luxury garden furniture to update your outdoors ready for summer.

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