Best Outdoor Dining Furniture for Upmarket Entertaining
News   /   24 December 2020

Best Outdoor Dining Furniture for Upmarket Entertaining

Hosting an outdoor soirée isn’t exclusive to British summer time. 

Occasions that are deserving of a celebration happen all year-round, and with some comfortable outdoor dining furniture, clever planning and smart design decisions, our gardens can continue to be a cosy and stylish entertaining space into the depths of the Autumn, Winter seasons.  

If you’re longing for a classy, upmarket outdoor space that you can use to its full potential even on the chilliest of evenings, our favourite selections of patio furniture and styling edit will transform your garden into a celebration haven, perfect for entertaining under the stars at any time of the year. 

Furnishing Your Outdoor Space

When hosting an elegant outdoor occasion, it’s easy to become consumed in making the celebrations look appealing to the eye. While we are big believers in dressing your space to give your gathering the WOW-factor, the real measure of a successful soiree is echoed in the enjoyment and comfort of your guests. 

In true British style, you never know what weather and external elements you’re going to be greeted with, so choosing outdoor furniture for a garden party takes a little more thought than most. 

From outdoor tables and dining chairs, to sofa sets and parasols, we have gathered our favourite luxury furniture pieces that no upscale soirée could be without.

Luxury Outdoor Dining Sets

More often than not, entertaining involves indulging food or drink, whether it’s a serving of canapés alongside a cocktail, a summer’s day barbecue or hosting a three course evening meal.

Similarly, at garden parties, attendees are often expected to balance plates in their lap or on awkwardly low outdoor coffee tables. A luxury dining table set provides your guests with a classy and comfortable eating space - just as they would have at any indoor celebrations - and therefore elevating your outdoor hosting to the next level.

Best Outdoor Dining Furniture for Upmarket Entertaining Best Outdoor Dining Furniture for Upmarket Entertaining Best Outdoor Dining Furniture for Upmarket Entertaining

Luxury Dining Collections

luxury dining table and chairs should be the main star of any elegant event, and our luxury garden dining sets certainly do impress the crowd. 

Whether your home’s aesthetic is traditional, scandi, industrialist or uber modern, Indian Ocean’s wide range of luxury dining collections satisfy all tastes and interior styles. 

If you’re looking for edgy luxury, our Conix cement tables certainly make a statement. The curved, cement-based tables are available with cement or ceramic tops, and they are right on the money for ticking the boxes of current interior trends.

If a cement dining table is a bit too daring, but you still wish for a bold yet elegant design, our Exes dining tables and chairs feature a clean and classic tabletop or seat, but with a bold leg design to give your dining set an edge. 

Or you can select a traditional wooden garden table to host your dinner party right through the night. The Oslo outdoor dining set is a teak collection with a fresh yet contemporary design. 

Luxury Outdoor Seating

As the jamboree carries on into the evening, departing from the dining table and onto a more comfortable and sociable area will help to keep the fun, drinks and conversation flowing through the night. 

What better way to achieve this than with some luxury outdoor seating

Our collection of garden seating ranges from luxurious garden armchairs, comforting lounge chairs, the old classic rattan garden furniture, to luxurious armchairs with complimenting outdoor coffee tables; nothing says “put together” like a coordinating patio set. 

However, if you want to provide your guests with the ultimate level of sumptuous comfort, a plush garden sofa set can achieve this. 

Best Outdoor Dining Furniture for Upmarket Entertaining Best Outdoor Dining Furniture for Upmarket Entertaining

Cosy Up on an Outdoor Sofa Set

Turn your outdoor setting into a cosy snug that your friends will never want to leave with the Marina three-seater sofa, true simplicity defined without compromising comfort. 

The Pimlico Club sofa and furniture set boasts a rounded silhouette with a distinctive rope design and contrasting teak legs to give the pieces a unique look. 

If you are out to turn heads, the simply outstanding Mozaix Lounge Set makes a show-stopping statement like no other. The deluxe lounge system combines modular pieces, cushions, a striking frame and additional elements to create the ultimate relaxation zone.

Luxury Garden Parasol

When the British summer sends the mercury soaring, we like to take full advantage and soak up every possible minute of sunshine. But, since our skin - or internal thermometers - are not familiar with strong rays, it’s important to protect ourselves and seek solace in the shade every now and again. 

Not only does a luxury garden parasol provide protection from the sun's rays, there are some standout pieces that also look the part in your garden. 

The Cool Cantilever parasol features a clean aluminium pole and a premium canopy in contemporary cappuccino or white colours. It also features a canopy tilt mechanism, to keep your guests enveloped in the shade regardless of the sun's positioning throughout the day. 

For a more modern look in your outdoor space, the Shady X-Centric garden parasol features a striking pole design, a granite base, and a canopy with teak hub and struts. With an air vent feature and 360° rotations, you can enjoy your garden oasis all day long.

Best Outdoor Dining Furniture for Upmarket Entertaining

Style Your Outdoor Space with Luxury Garden Accessories

They say the devil is in the detail and rings true when it comes to planning your exclusive garden party.

Luxury outdoor furniture pieces are the masterpieces of the party, but the styling and dressing of your garden is the crowning glory that adds the wow factor. So, don’t slack when it comes to the finishing touches, the smallest luxury garden accessories make the biggest difference!

Here are some ideas for luxury finishing touches;


Shop the full collection of luxury outdoor furniture to ensure your garden is party-ready at any time of the year.

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