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Which table, which chair, and will it fit?

You may freely mix and match any style chair with any shape table. If you need to measure up, consideration must be given to the style of chair/chairs required as well as the size and shape of the table. To help with this, we include line drawings for each piece of furniture, showing height, width and depth measurements, allowing you to precisely match furniture with the area available.

Which Parasol?

Given the intended location, parasols can be placed in the middle of a table or freestanding offset to one side, dependant on shade requirements. You will invariably attain more shade for a dining set if the parasol is set off to one side. Both the round and rectangular parasols complement the oval tables in our range. Equally, a square parasol can be just as effective with rectangular tables. The Indian Ocean parasol range use frames constructed from the finest FSC certified Eucalyptus timber, designed to complement our fine teak furniture.

Can I leave my cushions out overnight?

Indian Ocean offers a complete range of cushions to complement all the furniture styles available. The fabric used for our Classic Collection is a tough and durable marine acrylic. It is UV resistant and will not rot, fade or gather mildew. The cushions are shower proof but we recommend that they be brought in during heavy rain. The standard cushions have removable covers with waterproof zips and are filled with high-density rubber foam that will maintain their tailored shape.

Inscriptions and Personalising

We can provide an inscription service, most commonly used for benches and seats (Please note that some of our benches cannot be engraved). It can be either carved straight into the furniture, normally on the top rail, or a metal plaque can be engraved and screwed onto the desired position. The metal plaques are most commonly made from brass but we also supply stainless steel plaques.

Why is teak more expensive than other hardwoods?

There are a number of cheaper hardwoods used for outdoor furniture and all of them are inferior to teak. Iroko is the most common of these woods and it does not have the same life expectancy as teak, let alone the same touch, feel or aesthetic quality. Teak furniture is not expensive when you relate the cost to its life expectancy, you must remember this when comparing prices. You are not comparing like with like when you compare teak with any other wood. It is a strange anomaly that despite the fact it is built to endure decades outside in harsh weather our furniture is less expensive than some quality indoor chairs and tables.

Are less expensive products in your ranges as good quality?

Generally, price is dictated by the shape and weight of a piece of furniture. The more shape a piece has, the more wood is required to make it along with taking more time to create. Also the heavier the sections of wood used means more weight and thus more cost. No matter which piece of Indian Ocean furniture you choose, you can be assured that the same quality teak and standard of workmanship is used along with the same methods of manufacture and assembly.

How do I look after my teak furniture?

Teak is a natural product, it can be left out in the open all year round through rain, hail or shine. Its colour will gradually mellow to a graceful silver grey. The character of your furniture will alter, but its strength will remain. An occasional scrub down with hot soapy water will complement this process and discourage any moss growth. Alternatively please enquire about our teak cleaning at one of our showrooms. Click here for instructions on Teak Care.

I see cracks appearing in my furniture, is this normal?

This is perfectly normal as the wood breathes and reacts to variations in the moisture content of the air. The cracking tends to appear on the end grain sections and usually happens early in the life of the furniture. Cracks come and go depending on seasonal variations but rarely do they affect the strength, performance or life expectancy of the item.

Can I leave my furniture outside?

There is no problem wintering furniture outside, it may need a washing down in spring before use. Should you prefer to bring your furniture indoors, our range of folding tables and chairs are perfect and can be easily tucked away when not in use. Also available are storage covers for certain items.

Spills, stains, chips and scratches.

Most drinks stains will weather out naturally or can be cleaned down with soapy water and a hard brush. Other damage or stains can be removed quite simply using ordinary sandpaper. The grade of sandpaper depends on the degree of damage. Serious damage, start with course and move up to fine. Light damage, fine grade is all you will need. Stains usually disappear with a light sanding. Alternatively please enquire about our teak cleaning and maintenance products.Can I install your outdoor lights myself?

Can I install your outdoor lights myself?

All technical light questions regarding wiring and installation etc. should be directed to a qualified electrician. All our lights comply with IP43, IP45 or IP55 and are manufactured to CE standard. Professional installation is required and full instructions are enclosed with each unit.


Bio Fires


What is a Bio Fire?

A Bio Fire is a new concept in fireplace solutions. It is a REAL Fire and the fuel is liquid Bio Ethanol.

The fires require no connection to traditional sources of power; gas or electricity allowing you to position your fireplace almost anywhere. The fuel is stored in a stainless steel combustion chamber incorporated into the design of the fireplace – so no unsightly pipes or wires! This is ideal for modern apartments, period properties with disused chimneys or rural locations with no mains gas.

Why don’t I need a Chimney or Flue?

You don’t need a chimney or flue because the burning of Bio ethanol in the stainless steel chamber is so clean that it needs no extraction.

What about smell and mess?

The Bio ethanol is odourless and we have particularly selected a premium quality Bio ethanol fuel to ensure this. There is no soot, smoke and no waste to clear up – no ash, no mess at all!

Can I put my Bio Fire outside?

Yes, certain models are specifically designed for outdoor use, The Jupiter, Stax and Sync. Have the fireplaces been safety tested? The technical development of all of our fireplaces is the highest in the industry. All our fireplaces have been rigorously tested for safety, quality and function and are all manufactured in mainland Europe and comply with the essential safety requirements of EU codes and standards.

How much heat will the fireplace give?

Heat output levels vary depending on the situation as with any an open fire. In an indoor setting our fireplaces will produce approximately 3500 W of heat on an optimal setting. Because there is no need for a chimney or flue all of the heat stays in the room and does not escape up the chimney. You can expect to heat a space of 35m2 very easily.

How do I light my fireplace?

Ignition is very simple. First carefully, decant the fuel into the stainless steel chamber. Avoid any spills – if any liquid is spilt then you must wipe this away with kitchen paper. Never let the chamber overflow. Use a 15-20cm BBQ type lighter or long taper to ignite. NEVER light the fire using a match, cigarette lighter, paper or any other material. The fire will immediately ignite and produce a low blue flame, after a few minutes the flame will grow and become yellow/orange. You will be supplied with a comprehensive manual and instruction booklet containing all you need to know about the set-up, lighting and usage of your Bio ethanol fireplace. You should only refill the burner once the unit has had time to cool. Never add more fuel to a lit fire – wait at least 15 mins for it to become cool before filling it up.

How do I control the flames of the fire?

The fuel is housed in a stainless steel combustion chamber. You can turn it on and off as desired and control the intensity of the flame through its built-in sliding mechanism. This feature means you can manipulate the amount of heat being generated and the quantity of fuel used. Pulled outwards: high flames, pushed inwards: low flames. The running time of the fire is determined by the amount of fuel in the burner. Once the fuel is burnt the fire will go out - there is nothing to clean or clear. No ash, no mess.

How do I turn the fire off?

You can turn the burner off at any time by using the flame adjustment and shut off mechanism. Always slide the stainless steel mechanism, back and forth a second time to ensure that the flame has been extinguished. Ideally, we recommend that you leave the burner lit until the reservoir runs dry for safety reasons. If there is fuel in the chamber the lid should remain closed when not in use.

How do I install a Bio Fire?

All Indian Ocean Bio Fires are designed to be installed without a professional engineer visit or installation. For portable, floor and freestanding models simply remove the fireplace from its packaging and place the combustion chamber within the fireplace. Position in your desired situation, fill with fuel and ignite. The surface must be horizontal and steady for floor or table top models. For wall mounted models, a bracket is included and it is no more complicated than hanging a picture. Full installation guidelines will be supplied with your fireplace. Can Indian Ocean install my Wall Hanging Model for me? Yes, within M25 only. There is a minimum charge of £50.00 depending on exact location and model. Unfortunately we can’t install the Olympus and Zeus models as breakthrough or recess in a wall is required – you will need a builder to prepare your wall for you. For portable, floor and freestanding models it is just a case of removing packaging and placing the fuel chamber within the fireplace and putting in place.

Can I use any other types of fuel in my fireplace?

No. Only specific liquid Bio ethanol designed for bio fireplaces. Please call us to order or visit our website. NEVER use petroleum products meant for other uses such as gasoline, petrol, white-spirit or solvents, gel , mentholated spirits etc.

How do I clean the fireplace?

Never use abrasive products, alcohol or solvents to clean the fireplace. Just wipe regularly with a soft damp cloth.

What is Bio ethanol?

Bio ethanol fuel is a clear liquid and is produced by the fermentation of sugars that are found in agricultural and forestry products (mainly sugar cane, potatoes, bananas, beetroot and recently from cereals such as wheat). This fermentation process produces Ethanol which is an absolute alcohol. Ethanol cannot be sold in its purest form (100% alcohol) to avoid human consumption. Producers de-nature the ethanol with various component chemicals for resale purposes. The production process of this fuel means that the fuel itself is biodegradable, 100% renewable and environmentally sound.

Is Bio-fuel kind on the environment?

Bio ethanol is 100% eco friendly. It is composed of biological products resulting in a neutral ecological balance (greenhouse compliant). The combustion or burning of Bio ethanol releases only miniscule levels of carbon dioxide and water residue – about the same as 2 burning candles. Bio ethanol fuel is our solution to the ever decreasing supply of fossil fuels and helps to reduce the impact the human race has on the planet in the hunt for sustainable fuel sources. At the same time CO2 emissions are significantly reduced whenever Bio ethanol fuel is used as a heat source thus making a substantial contribution to climate protection.

Where can I buy Bio ethanol fuel from?

We recommend that you only use Bio ethanol purchased from Indian Ocean in your Bio Fire. We have made absolutely sure that our fuel has been tested to ensure that it is of the highest quality with no smoke or odour given off. All our bottles have safety caps and the liquid must be squeezed out of the bottle. This is not only safety measure but is designed to avoid spills. You can purchase either 1 litre or 3 litre bottles.

How much will my Bio ethanol fire cost to run?

On average our fires consume 0.25 litres of Bio ethanol per hour. Based on optimal settings the fire will cost just under £1 to run per hour. How much Bio ethanol will it take to fill the fuel chamber? The capacity of the fuel chamber varies depending on the model. The Jupiter Floor 55 and Jupiter Wall Slate are the smallest and have a capacity of approx 1 Litre, the average is 2 Litres and the large SOLO fires take 3 litres. For initial first time use it is recommended that the chamber is only half filled.

How should I store my Bio-fuel?

Bio-fuel is classified as a Flammable Liquid. The bottles should be stored UPRIGHT, away from other sources of heat and OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Full guidelines for storage are printed in all instruction manuals and clearly on the label affixed to Bio ethanol containers. Please ensure that attention is paid to all instructions.

Are they guaranteed?

All the Indian Ocean Bio Fires are covered by a 12 month Manufactures Guarantee when used in accordance with the instructions supplied. What are the main safety measures I should know about? A Bio ethanol Fire is a REAL FIRE! The fireplace will become extremely HOT – up to 400 degrees C. Do not touch the fireplace or combustion box whilst the fire is running; severe burns can be caused. Never attempt to move the fireplace when lit or hot and allow one hour to cool before handling. Never move a fireplace containing unused fuel – allow all fuel to be burnt before moving. No flammable object should be near the fireplace. Ensure children and animals are kept a safe distance from the lit fire. Ensure flammable materials are kept a safe distance away from the lit fire. Never allow anything to block the flame exit of the tank.

Please READ the full instructions applicable to your chosen Bio Fire.